Juniper Farms

Juniper Farm was established in 1983 by Michael Liberty at its current Gray, Maine location. Michael’s son George Liberty sharing the same passion for elite dairy cattle and their development has taken over management of Juniper Farm.

The Juniper Farm focus is one of the development of elite cows with deep pedigreed families of International appeal!  An extensive Embryo program with utilization of conventional and IVF will be utilized to provide the global market availability of live offspring and embryos.  Working with the industry Juniper’s approach is one which shall give access to these elite genetics to interested parties worldwide.

The owners and assembled Juniper team will continue to source and care for elite genetics with the highest of standards.  The Juniper attitude shall strive for perfection, and settle for nothing less.

As individuals within an Industry our goals are to provide our product to parties sharing the same goals of elite genetics.  Contact Juniper Farms with any interests and may we help satisfy your needs as current and future customers!

Juniper Barn from road
George Liberty, Manager
54 Mayall Road,
Gray, ME 04039
PH: 207-615-7008

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