Howardview WG Gold Casey EX94, Casey completes four generations of EX dams, she has several daughters selling!

Howardview WG Gold Casey EX-94

3rd Aged Cow, International Junior Holstein Show 2015

Goldwyn X Lylehaven Durham Cabernet EX-95 3*, EX-91 2E, Belroux Storm Cristal EX-96 2E 2*, VG-86 2*, VG-86

3rd Aged Cow International Junior Holstein Show 2015
10th Aged Cow International Holstein Show 2015
2nd 5 Year Old Northest National Holstein Show 2014
2nd 5 Year Old New York Spring Show 2014
Reserve Grand Champion NAILE 2013

Casey has a promising Sid June calf on the ground, as well as three Sid December calves and another December calf sired by Golden Dreams.

Juniper Olympian Cupid, an Olympian x Casey