Great Classification Results!

Cowtown Wishing Tree EX91-EX92MS

A recent classification day at Juniper Farm brought some great results! Nine head were scored, with three new VG 2 year olds, three new EX cows, one EX cow raised in scored and a Junior 3 year old, five days fresh, raised from VG87 to VG88 with an EX91 mammary!VG 2 Year Olds

Wilsondale Goldwyn Teal VG87

Fairmont-TP Sid Leena VG88

Wilsondale Destry Tarrah VG86

New Excellents

For-Clifs Lightning ADolly EX90 EX91-MS

Whitaker Jasper Asia EX90

Cowtown Wishing Tree EX91 EX92-MS, 30 days fresh

Wilsondale Shottle Tessa EX91-2E